In this article I’ll be showing you my best work from home side hustles that you can start today and start generating an extra one thousand, five thousand or even ten thousand dollars per month. Also I’ll be revealing my favorite side hustle that you need to start today if you would like to make some extra income and these aren’t going to be the typical side hustles which shows you how to make a couple extra dollars by filling out a survey. These are going to be tried and tested side hustles that if you implement them will allow you to build a consistent side income and as you continue to grow you can possibly replace your full-time income. So here are seven of the best work from home side hustles that you can start today.  

1. Becoming a copywriter and reselling content that you create using an AI copywriter in today’s age. You don’t actually need to be a copywriter or to be trained as a copywriter to make money in copywriting. You can leverage some of these really really good AI copywriters that have hit the market and you can use those tools to generate short and long form copy and resell that to clients. For instance there’s some really powerful AI copywriters such as Jasper AI which allows you to be able to use any specific template to generate any specific type of content. 

You can generate content 

for email for sales letter

for websites for e-commerce Brands 

you can create product descriptions 

you can create high converting copy for Facebook

or Google ads 

you can also create copy for SEO 

you can create content for social media and really any type of content you can imagine. 

So it doesn’t really matter what type of copy a client wants. You can find a template for that scenario. 

The second way in which you can make money as a copywriter is by generating long-form articles or blog posts using these Ai copywriters and then reselling that to clients. If you want to rank high on Google today you need long form content on your website. So most website owners are actually looking for long-form content to create. So you can reach out to these website owners and tell them that you’ll be able to create long-form articles or blog posts on a monthly basis for a specific price. When it comes to generating those long-form articles or blog posts you have a couple of different options in which you can go about. You can use Jasper AI which allows you to write a long form blog post using their built-in template or you can use a one-click blog post generator. Some of my favorite one-click blog post generators are and 

The great thing about wordplay is that you can get a lifetime deal from appsumo so all you would have to do is pay one time and you’ll be able to generate long-form articles without having to pay monthly so this can save you a lot of money in the long run. Because again you’re not paying monthly so your cost will be a lot lower. So every article that you generate won’t cost you more money and these AI blog post generators are very easy to use. All you have to do is head over to that specific tool, so in this example we’ll be using Enter the title of the article on which you’re writing about. Click submit and the AI will do all of the work for you. 

So for example if you’re generating an article about “how to get a six pack in 30 days”. Just enter this title and enter a project name and then you click submit. The AI will create that full length article for you within a couple of minutes. Once it’s finished generating you can click on that article. Read through it, make any changes that are needed. But as you can see this really takes out the heavy lifting from your part. All you have to do is edit, make sure everything sounds right and then send that over to a client.  The best way to get clients is to directly reach out to website owners so you can do a quick Google search and find bloggers with any specific Niche. Go on to their website and send them a message and let them know that you’re willing to create x amount of content each month for them and you can even send them over a sample of what you’ve done using those AI.

Another way copywriters can get clients is through Fiverr or upward work. You can put up a listing and you can let your clients know what you’ll be creating for them on those websites and once they hit you up you can then strike a deal with them. Those methods do take a little bit longer that’s why I recommend directly getting in contact with the website owner and working out a deal with them. 

Lastly you can generate your article or blog post and then you can post that on a Content Marketplace. You can set your price for that article and if anyone wants to buy that article or blog from, you they can pay directly through that Marketplace. 

So those are the couple of ways in which you can get clients to start making money as a copywriter. 

My second best side hustle that you can get started with today is, creating and reselling art works. The idea here is the same. You can use an AI generator to generate art and that you can resell that art to clients or you can sell that on a Marketplace such as Etsy. In the past couple of months there have been a lot of new air generators that have popped up and you can leverage those as a side hustle to start making some extra money. When it comes to finding a good air generator tool you have a couple of different options to choose from. Some are more expensive than others but if you head over to appsumo you can find a really good lifetime deal for a really high quality AI image generator. It is called airbrush and it is currently only 29. And for $29 you’ll be able to create 500 images per month so you get 500 credits for just $29 one time payment. Very very affordable and you’ll definitely be able to save some money in the long run but also you’re not limited as to the amount of images in which you can generate Once you have a plan for airbrush, it’s very easy for you to create an image. Just click on create an image and then you want to describe the type of image in which you would like to create for this tool.  You can play around with this and then you can choose the dimensions that you would like that image to have and once you’re happy just click create image and as you can see within a couple of minutes that AI image will be created. You can definitely use this to either resell this, to maybe create a t-shirt or you can use this to create a mug or a product or service in which you would sell on Etsy.

The possibilities really are endless. It is just about getting a little bit creative as to how you would use that image. 

My third favorite side hustle is creating a theme page on Instagram, Tick Tock or YouTube. It is a business page that is related to a specific Niche. A theme page can be around any specific Niche so it can be around Sports, it can be around trading crypto, nfts and so on. It doesn’t really matter what Niche you choose but you select a specific Niche and you stay within that Niche because you’ll be able to know what type of content you need to create. And you’ll also be able to attract a certain demographic to your theme page. These were very popular back in the days and they’ve kind of become less popular but it’s still a really good side hustle because you can start this before or after work or even during work

You don’t really have to have a personal branding or face to this business profile. No one really knows that it is you and you can just create content or you can repost content that you found from around the internet and start building an audience around a niche that you’re interested in. And when it comes to monetization you can monetize those pages by having affiliate links so you can promote other people’s products or Services. You can even promote your own product and service once you’ve built the following or you can do sponsored post or paid shout outs. So there’s a couple of different monetization methods but the most important thing is is that you choose a niche and that you stick to posting on that Niche consistently and you build up that page so that you have a decent following and then you can decide how you’d like to monetize that page. 

And that brings me to my next and possibly my favorite side hustle which is becoming a content creator. It doesn’t really matter what experience you have or what skills you have. Anyone can become a content creator in a specific Niche and the great thing about this is becoming a content creator is that it’s flexible and anyone can find a method that works the best for themselves, 

For example, if you’re really good at being in front of a camera and you’re really personable then you can create content on YouTube you can create videos for Instagram for tick tock and for YouTube shorts but if you’re not that comfortable being in front of a camera then you can create written content on social media or on your own specific website or blog. You can actually create audio specific content such as podcasts or audio books. You have a variety of methods in which you can choose from when creating your content so you can really find what works the best for you. What plays into your strengths and start creating content within that form. My biggest advice would be to select a specific Niche to start creating content in and building an audience around that. I wouldn’t be too focused on creating entertaining content such as Vlogs and pranks. I would focus more on creating educational content within a specific Niche. So think of things such as credit repair Finance tips, crypto, make money online, affiliate marketing, Sales Training, self-development, Fitness or health or really any niche in which you can teach someone a tangible skill. Being a content creator can be one of the most fulfilling side hustles that you embark upon and that’s because when you’re able to build an audience around something that you love. You become really passionate about that and it’s very easy to translate that from a side hustle into a real business. And also when you build a brand around yourself you’re building a brand that’s sustainable in the future. Because people don’t like you for what you’re selling or what you’re promoting people like you for you. And that’s why they follow you so that’s a brand that you can have for the rest of your life and you continue making money from the brand of you as long as you’re around. And that’s why being a content creator is definitely my favorite side hustle on this list and that’s because it’s easy to go from a side hustle to a full-fledged business bringing in five to ten thousand dollars per month. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I started off creating content on my first YouTube channel just for fun and as a side hustle and quickly that grew and replaced my full-time income and now I’m able to do this full time. I’m able to create content online and make a living doing so. So those were my favorite side hustles that you can start today and start making some extra income.